InSight Pathology offers almost 3 decades of experience within toxicological pathology. This experience is translated to the following services:

Slide reading and Peer review

InSight Pathology can perform slide reading for your studies and the interpretation of findings in these studies. Slide reading for GLP as well as non-GLP studies can be performed. InSight Pathology uses the PathData System for entry and evaluation of pathology data resulting from toxicity and carcinogenicity studies. InSight Pathology has experience in a broad range of studies, varying from short term to carcinogenicity studies, and from studies in rodents (including transgenic animals) to studies in non-human primates, using different routes of administration. In addition, many different compounds from a wide range of therapeutic areas have been assessed (e.g. Reproductive Medicine, CNS, CV, Oncology, Immunology etc).

Besides slide reading for your studies, InSight Pathology can also coordinate the peer-review process for your studies.


InSight Pathology can provide you with advice on all issues related to toxicological pathology. To be able to give valuable advice, experience is key. With almost 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry a broad range of challenges in toxicological pathology have been faced and have strengthened the knowledge, experience, capabilities and insight.  With this background, InSight Pathology is confident to be able to advise on the way forward for your project (when pathology is concerned), to advise on follow up activities when certain findings are difficult to interpret or make an overall interpretation of pathology findings over different studies. InSight Pathology could also help you in your Due Diligence preparation, when an in-depth evaluation of the toxicological pathology part is needed.


Many pathologists experience difficulties in capturing suitable images for publications, posters, presentations etc. InSight Pathology has high quality equipment and significant experience in the taking and processing of images to enable us to provide this service also.

Please contact InSight Pathology for more information, or when you want to request a quotation for one of your studies (slide reading or peer-review), for consultancy activities or for photography activities.

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